Fry Class Assembly Friday, 21st November at 10.45am


A very warm welcome awaits you at Ryefield Primary School!

We pride ourselves at Ryefield with wonderful children willing to learn, excellent staff willing to go that extra mile for the children and wonderful surroundings to inspire learning!

"Pupils thoroughly enjoy school. They arrive each morning with smiling faces, reflecting the willingness of staff to go the extra mile to make the school a safe and happy place for children to learn in."


Learning is fun!

At Ryefield we involve our parents every step of the way in regards to the education of their children. We hold many workshops which allow parents to fully involve themselves in the children's learning. One such workhop and a very successful workshop is our "Lads, Lasses and Dad's Reading Breakfast." 

"In an almost indefinable way it increases the child's confidence"

Mr Scholes (Grandparent and ex Head of 6th Form)

We have also just hosted a very well attended Mums and Daughters Science breakfast with lots of fun and scientific experiments going on. Please see some of the pictures below.


More fun, interactive events to come soon. Please keep checking the calendar dates for more details.